The Dangers Of Virtual Reality Porn

According to statistics, it appears that a year ago for Christmas, millions of Americans received VR headsets as gifts. That resulted in an uptick of virtual reality content viewing. One sector in particular which saw the biggest growth, was the adult industry. The day after Christmas 2016, adult sites had millions of visitors. Virtual reality porn videos, received more than a million views on that day alone. That accounted for 75% percent increase when compared to the previous month. All of this points to how appealing and popular VR porn has become. The VR porn category has managed to rise by more than 260% percent this year.

Yet throughout all of this growth, there are many questions being asked. A lot of people are concerned about what kind of dangers virtual reality pornography poses. Sex experts already agreed that porn is very addictive. All over the world, there are zillions of people who watch adult content daily. Some spend hours looking at some type of pornography. They also masturbate to it continuously and it ends up affecting their work and private lives. If that is happening with normal porn, imagine what will occur with VR.

It’s clear that VR porn is significantly more gratifying than traditional porn. Virtual reality provides immersive experiences unlike anything else. A person can enter a virtual universe where he or she can interact with others. Apps, games and other types of VR software, let people enter a virtual reality world. Sometimes, that world is a lot more enjoyable to them than the actual one. Not only when it comes to socializing, but engaging in VR sex and other things. When an individual puts on a pair of VR goggles, they open up a cosmos with endless possibilities. Whether it’s for finding friends, sexual partners or for exploring sexual fetishes, the alternatives are there.

As it stands now, virtual reality porn has numerous benefits for those who use it. The ones who watched regular porn, see their benefits increase dramatically through VR porno. Their overall viewing pleasure rises to a higher level. Since VR porn videos are captured in 360 degrees angles, it’s nothing compared to 2D normal porn. People will feel as if they are part of whatever it is they are looking at in the VR porn film. The characters within the porno movie, will look like they are in front of you. Plus, using the 180-degree point of view, lets one think they are taking part in the action. All of these things account to why virtual reality porno is so popular. At the same time, why it can end up being a lot more addictive than traditional porn.

Once you begin to analyze all of the benefits people obtain from entering into virtual reality porn, more questions arise. Virtual reality is a new technology which no one knows where it will go next. Already, there are sex robots, real life-like dolls and other sex toys which use VR capabilities. They allow a person to interact with others as they use these gadgets. More importantly, the devices can be combined with certain virtual reality porn videos, apps and games. Teledildonic dolls are capable of being VR interactive. They can also stimulate certain parts of a person’s private areas to help them achieve orgasms. It’s like having a virtual reality sex slave at your beck and call.

All of these things are already impacting how a person has sex; even if it is through a VR prism. They are also changing intimacy and opening up new doors to relationships as we know them. On their own, these are all things which are alarming. But, imagine what will happen if and when VR is able to replicate smell, taste and touch? Although that may sound impossible now, no one really knows if it can actually be done or not. After all, that is the entire premise behind innovative technology. It is the ability it has to expand, grow and open up new frontiers no ever imagined being opened or reached. Yet if you add more capabilities, sensations, stimulation and possibilities, that potential increases significantly.

Overall, there are numerous reasons to use VR porn. However, the prospective it has is what’s really alarming. Virtual reality’s interactive nature also has to be taken into account. Anytime a technology can allow a user to change everything, it is something to think about. VR porno does exactly that by letting people bargain their encounters, relationships and sexual experiences in virtual reality worlds. There are no boundaries or sex acts which are off limits in the VR universe either. All of these things have to be taken into consideration; especially when trying to determine potential dangers of something.

As it stands now, virtual reality porn already has the potential to change the life of whomever uses it. Once you begin to look into what the future of VR holds, the prospects are even more enticing. This can only mean that it will be higher in addiction than watching normal porn.  That in itself, is dangerous enough.