Can you use VR on iPhone?

Virtual Reality is a fantastic form of technology that allows us to view 3D worlds and interact with objects in astounding ways. You can fly around the earth, dive into our oceans, and even explore outer space – the possibilities are endless. What makes this technology even more impressive, is that we can use it with our smartphones – you can purchase smartphone virtual reality headsets that you can slot your phones into. Many people ask; can you use VR on iPhones and this article answers that question!

What VR headsets are compatible with iPhone devices?

To answer the above question, yes you can use VR on an iPhone although you need to purchase a virtual reality headset that is compatible with Apple devices. VR smartphone headsets are smaller and have a slot that your iPhone plugs into. The following are some of the top smartphone VR headsets that are compatible with iPhones:

Google Cardboard – This basic device is one of the cheapest available and is a fantastic way to start your VR adventure. As you would expect, it is made from cardboard and your iPhone slots into it perfectly.

Homido VR – The Homido VR features a more robust design than Google Cardboard and has a comfortable strap and facial padding – for under $15.00 you can’t go wrong with this iPhone VR headset.

Merge VR – Merge is well known for creating their holographic cube and their headset is quirky and well designed. This headset actually allows both virtual reality and augmented reality too.

Carl Zeiss VR One Plus – If you want a more upmarket headset for your iPhone then the VR One is a must – this device oozes quality and is one of the best smartphone VR headsets around.

What are some of the popular VR games and apps available for iPhone devices?

Now that you can see some of the technology available to use virtual really through your iPhone, we can look at the different games and apps that you can play with. There is a huge range of different titles available for use on your iPhone, and we have listed some of the most popular choices below:

End Space VR – VR is made for flying through outer space, dodging meteors and fighting in awesome 3D space battles – this is exactly what you can expect from End Space VR. The action is superb and the graphics are amazing.

Roller Coaster VR – Another fantastic object for VR is of course rollercoasters. Roller Coaster VR allows you to experience the thrill of riding a super-fast coaster through some awesome landscapes.

Zombie Shooter VR – Who wouldn’t want to pick up a weapon and attempt to fight off hordes of zombies in virtual reality? This is what Zombie Shooter VR provides and it is simply magnificent!

Discovery VR – The discovery channel is packed full of awesome programs such as Mythbusters and now you can experience this channel in glorious virtual reality!

We hope you have found this article useful – VR technology is perfectly suited for use on iPhones and as you can see, there is a myriad of devices and games that you can have fun with on your Apple smartphone.



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