Hong Kong Singles Are Now More Open to Dating Foreigners

Dating in Hong Kong has never been easy, in part because of the fast-paced city life and in part because most of the young people in this megapolis are here either on business trips or on short-term contracts. Young Hong Kongers are quite well-off and have varying preferences. Some are more interested in one-night stands, and others – in traditional dating.

Most Hong Kongers are still interested in traditional dating

A recent survey has shown that Hong Kong single women are now more open to dating foreigners than they were a few years ago. Traditionally, they are introduced to their potential partners through mutual friends. In the age of the Internet, most of the young Hong Kongers tend to search for a date online.

At the same time, many single women rely on dating agencies to find eligible partners from abroad. Speaking of Hong Kong, it is hard to say who’s a foreigner and who is local. Very few of the city’s young men were born and bred here. Many of those who were have chosen to emigrate.

Dating stereotypes in Hong Kong are changing

For many years, Hong Kong girls were labeled as materialistic and rather superficial. Now, however, things have begun to change in a positive direction. Young women are obviously more interested in their potential partners’ personal qualities than in their bank accounts. At any rate, young men and women alike rely mostly on dating apps to find the love of their life.

Hong Kong women prefer younger men

Also, the age preferences of single women in Hong Kong with regard to their potential partners seem to be regionally-specific. Women between 30 and 45 years of age are prone to developing instant crushes on men in their early or mid-twenties. This means that young men that come to the city from abroad now stand a bigger chance to find a date their age or a few years their senior.

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